Visually impaired students visit FTCCI to explore job opportunities

Visually impaired students visit FTCCI to explore job opportunities

The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FTCCI) Hyderabad, in collaboration with the LV Prasad Eye Institute’s Rehabilitation Centre, organised a unique program on its premises in Red Hills this weekend. Sixteen visually impaired students at LV Prasad Eye Institute’s Rehabilitation Centre visited FTCCI to explore skill development and opportunities for the visually challenged.

Meela Jayadev, FTCCI president and Suresh Kumar Singhal, senior vice-president interacted with them. Employers are now open to giving a job to people with visual disabilities as they have acquired skill sets like none other, said Meela Jayadev. There are numerous job roles that are offered to the visually impaired by both the government and the private sector, he added

Persons with no usable vision can use a screen reader software package, which reads the words on the screen aloud. Today technology enables visual challenges to be on their own, he observed. This unique interaction is to help visually challenged to understand what careers are best for blind/visually impaired people, he added. It also helps FTCCI to explore if it could hire some and engage them in some meaningful engagements, he shared.

Thanks to technology, it is possible for blind people to be teachers, doctors, retail workers, therapists, and more positions which we have not imagined so far. They can hold many jobs same as people with vision.  However, misconceptions and lack of knowledge a significant number of blind people are left unemployed. All the young visually challenged need right advice observed by several experts, who spoke on the occasion.

Physical limitations are not barriers to achieving your dreams.  There are many who proved they are no way less than others. Eric, a visually challenged, climbed Mount Everest.  There are no limitations, said Suresh Kumar Singhal

The students shared their aspirations, challenges, and success stories during the interaction. The exchange of experiences created a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering the participants’ sense of belonging and camaraderie. FTCCI, in its commitment to promoting inclusivity and empowerment, further ensured that the program catered to the specific needs of the visually impaired students.

Geeta Naresh, Motivational Coach, gave an exceptional session on employability and confidence. The whole theme of the event was based on 3C-Confidence, Communication and Competence.

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