What Do Growing Industries Tell Us About Tech Growth in India?

India is experiencing an exciting period of technological growth. Not only is the government committed to its Digital India campaign, which aims to position the nation as a contender for the world’s technological future, but this has led to a proliferation across the board. Estimates in February 2020 expected the year’s information technology growth to be around 7.7%, with key players in Mumbai and Bengaluru. This shows the potential for future growth and speaks of the tech growth that India has already experienced. So, what do advances in business, entertainment, and science show about the technological growth in India?


The business sector is a prime example of what tech can do to enhance existing structures. Innovation is essential to move forwards for businesses, so business in general helps provide a useful picture of how tech is developing. For example, GridRaster Inc has received $2million in seed money from the USA to develop and enhance its mixed reality capabilities. The money will be used to help market the software being developed, which aims to benefit a lot of different sectors within business.

Moreover, green and clean technology is making an impact, offering alternatives to more traditional ways of doing things. For instance, India’s Green Growth Equity Fund will help turn businesses towards greener ways of doing things and try to alleviate some of the institutional issues facing the country. Using technology, existing practice will be altered to provide job growth and sustainability.


One of the key growth factors for the entertainment sector has been the increase in internet connectivity. This enables people to engage with a growing platform of entertainment options – from streaming services to gaming to competitive eSports. With 50% of the country having access to the internet, that leaves half of the population without.

However, technology to enhance this means that many more people in India are able to engage with online entertainment. The digital video market is set to grow as internet connectivity and literacy increases – experts expect India penetration of Netflix to grow by 26%. Moreover, online entertainment options such as online casino are also more accessible. For example, CasinoMarket analyses features of casino sites and showcases those which have good mobile accessibility, including apps. As most people in India engage with the internet on mobile devices, this technology is important to continue growing the entertainment industry.


Technology has allowed the science sector to thrive – with more ISRO-accredited space technology centres opening to help incubate ideas. The India Space Research Organisation aims to launch around 36 missions in 2021 and harness new technology to contribute to the world’s knowledge about space. The increased abilities of satellites, for instance, will influence the industry and will use the potential for new start-ups to help develop lower cost satellites.

An intermediary was also launched to help people engage with space. The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) will help people and business have access to the growing space resources in India.

India’s technological future looks promising. Whether the enhancements will benefit business, entertainment, or science – or something else – it’s clear that growth drivers are taking advantage of emerging technologies. The future of India’s technological capabilities can be measured through the various uses they have already been subjected to.

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