When Pawan Kalyan Experienced Suicidal Tendencies

 Rahnuma July 10 : Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan made a sensational revelation over low self-esteem and plans to commit suicide, in a recent ‘Janasena Nirasana Kavathu’ meeting in Vizag. In the initial days of his acting career, Pawan felt he was not cut out for acting and at times, he felt like committing suicide, he recalled.

My heart bleeds for Uddanam kidney patients, Elephantiasis victims of Vizaianagram and the malnourished children of Araku, Pawan said in the meeting. The actor-turned-politician blamed the political system for lack of hospitals and ambulances for the poor in remote areas. Suicide is not a solution for personal problems, even I had problems in my initial days, Pawan remarked.

“I was a shy person at the beginning of my career. While we were shooting a song sequence for Suswagatam in Vizag, the director asked me to dance on top of a bus. I was so terrified that I wanted to quit acting on that day because I felt that I was not cut out for acting. I called up my sister-in-law to say that I felt like ending my life,” Pawan confessed. However, Pawan won the hearts with Suswagatam, which was a huge hit at the time.

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