Who Is Lokesh To Name Candidates: TG Venkatesh

Amaravati: Infighting within TDP has come to the fore once again. After AP IT minister Nara Lokesh’s recent Kurnool tour, the fighting within the party seems to have become more evident. During this tour, Lokesh announced the names of Kurnool MLAs and MPs for the next elections. This turned up the political heat in TDP. All the party leaders who had anticipated tickets and were disappointed have now turned against the party.

Nara Lokesh at an official function in Kurnool announced the names of SV Mohan Reddy as the MLA candidate and Butta Renuka for MP seat and said they would be TDP candidates in the next elections. This upset Rajya Sabha MP TG Venkatesh, who was hoping that both the tickets would be given to his camp. TGV was planning to contest for Lok Sabha from Kurnool and field his supporter for MLA.

Expressing his anger and disappointment, TGV publicly criticised the minister over his choice of candidates. He wondered how could the minister announce names of party candidates for next elections at a government function. He reminded the party that Lokesh was neither the TDP chief nor the state chief minister to make such announcements.

The Rajya Sabha MP said he was confused on what basis Lokesh had chosen candidates for next elections. “Can SV Mohan do anything? Perhaps he has hypnotised Lokesh,” he said. The AP CM had told him that tickets would be distributed based on the popularity measured through a survey, he recalled.

SV Mohan Reddy Slams TGV’s Satirical Comment

Kurnool: Kurnool’s turncoat MLA SV Mohan Reddy gave a fitting reply to Rajya Sabha MP TG Venkatesh’s satirical comment that the former had hypnotised state IT minister Nara Lokesh. Speaking to media here today, he said the minister announced what was told to him by chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He said Lokesh was TDP’s national secretary and in that stature he had announced the names of candidates for MP and MLA in Kurnool.

He reminded the media persons that even at Emmiganuru, the minister had announced the name of Jaya Nageswara Reddy as MLA candidate. Early announcement of candidates improves the chances of winning, he observed. On earlier occasion, the party leadership had announced the names of TG Venkatesh for MP and his name for MLA, was it also part of hypnotising, he asked. There was no need for me to play tricks and I would always strive for TDP’s development, he added.

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