Will scale up Congress footprint on social media: Ramya

Panaji, May 26 (IANS) The Congress footprint on the social media will be scaled up as there is a need to counter BJP online propaganda, the opposition party’s newly appointed social media chief Ramya Divyaspandana said on Friday.

“Scale up for sure. Get more voices. And, of course, put truth against lies. We are going to do it anyhow,” Ramya said when asked about her future plans.

She told the media here that a larger number of Congress leaders and members need to connect with users on the social media to counter the BJP’s propaganda.

“… I do believe that our presence (on social media) is much much lower than the BJP… the BJP has various ways of getting people to use social media, and to troll,” said Ramya, a former member of Parliament who was handpicked this month by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to head the party’s social media campaign.

Ramya said a plan was being drawn up regarding the social media campaign.

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