Won’t keep quiet if SRSP water shared with Maharashtra: Jeevan Reddy

Congress MLC Jeevan Reddy

 Hyderabad, Feb 6 (RAHNUMA): Congress MLC Jeevan Reddy warned that he would not keep quiet if water is released to Maharashtra from the Sriram Sagar Project.

Speaking at the media point in the Assembly on Monday, Jeevan Reddy said that Telangana had a right over the backwaters of the Sriram Sagar project. He was responding to the statement made by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao during the Nanded meeting a day ago.

Expressing anger, Jeevan Reddy accused the BRS of selling away the rights of Telangana to Maharashtra. He said CM KCR had surrendered to Andhra Pradesh in the case of seven Mandals and the Seeleru Hydro Project.

He said that promising to share the SRSP backwaters with Maharashtra was against the spirit of Telangana’s original slogan of ‘water, resources and employment’. He asked whether the CM spoke consciously in the Nanded meeting. He said that KCR had criticized BJP only to cover up his failures.

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