Youth Against Speed – Hyderabad fights against speed

Mr. Khaleeq ur Rahman, founder – Youth Against Speed, addressing the youth at Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences

Hyderabad (Rahnuma) Hyderabad based campaign “Youth Against Speed” since its inception is busy creating awareness among the youth and students to reduce and enforce the speed limit on our roads, in order to reduce casualties.

In India, the total deaths due to road accidents is around 1,50,000 per year which is equal to 400 accidents per day. The youth continued to be the most vulnerable road users in India as the maximum number of young age people died in road mishaps in the country last year.

As per a report published by the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry, of the total 1.47 lakh deaths in last year due to road accidents, 26.7% (39,549) victims are aged between 25 -35 years.

“Youth Against Speed” which was first established in Hyderabad grew taking it to all major cities in the country. thus making it a national campaign, which now hosts regular workshops, runs, and seminars in school, colleges, and universities to engage with youth and parents to create awareness among the youngsters against the deadly consequences of speed, the organization also provides special emergency care in case of accidents. The organization now works with the City Traffic police and the government to educate the youngsters about the traffic and the road safety rules and measures.

“Youth Against Speed” was founded by Mr. Khaleeq ur Rahman, senior leader TRS in the fond memory of his son Ajmal ur Rahman aged 16, the grandson of former Congress Rajya Sabha MP Khalil-ur-Rehman, who had passed away 8 years ago on 11 September 2011, when his Suzuki 1000-cc superbike skidded and crashed on a Hyderabad expressway and five days after the other survivor Ayazuddin aged 19, son of former cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin, had lost his life. According to Mr.khaleeq ur Rahman, Ajmal ur Rahman, at his young age had a spirit of social service that made him initiate an NGO called YOUNG which now resolved to be as Youth Against Speed.

Youth Against Speed – Hyderabad fights against speed






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